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About Our House Concerts

A Vintage Oaks Farm concert is a private event, not generally open to the public. You must be invited, either personally by the host, by being on our email list, artists email list or through a customized web invitation or Facebook event invitation. We require all bands to perform their own robust marketing via social media along with Vintage Oaks Farm.  We cannot guarantee attendance. Musicians should have a good local fan base.  


Our shows are typically on Sunday, but due to the artist schedule we may book a show on a different day.  The music consists of two sets of 45-50 minutes each with a break in between sets. During the break, the guest can purchase merchandise (all sales are kept by the artist), take a picture with the artist, and of course eat more food! Our main venue is inside with plenty of air conditioning and with the "stage" located so that all guests can see and hear the performance. Comfy chairs are provided.

Bill and I started these concerts to promote the artists we love and give them an alternative to playing in bars where most people aren't listening to their songs. We love finding new, sensational songwriters/musicians we can share with our friends. We enjoy providing a space for CD Release parties allowing artists to showcase their new music. We are always open  to your special request.  

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