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Vintage Oaks Farm Accommodates Every Wedding Type

What type of wedding are you planning?  If you spend any time perusing real weddings or glued to Pinterest, you have probably been introduced to commonly used descriptions like vintage, retro, and rustic. And this may have left you a tad confused. Can you have a modern vintage rustic wedding? Well, probably not. But to help you decipher these themes, we wanted to provide you with basic definitions of each. We're happy to report that Vintage Oaks Farm can accommodate them all.

Vintage:   Think antique, feminine styling. These weddings generally featured very muted color palettes and lots of lace, burlap, linen, and delicate flowers.

Retro:  This is vintage's sassy cousin. Highly nostalgic with a bit of a wink, retro weddings are fun and merry. The color palettes are usually bright and happy. Not to make too broad of a statement, but vintage is generally pre 1940s, whereas retro is after.

DIY:  These weddings are defined by the details. No longer purely "do it yourself" (brides often have wedding planners and other vendors accomplish the handmade elements - depending upon the project this is often for the better, right?), DIY weddings have a crafty and homemade aesthetic, often straddling the boundaries of vintage and rustic.

Rustic: Heavy on natural and farm or lodge-inspired elements. Expect an abundance of wood and stone in the décor. Flowers are usually pretty un-manicured, and varied between tables in centerpieces. Colors range from earth tone palettes to deeper jewel tones, but generally does not go too monochromatic or bright.


Modern: These weddings are sleek and polished. Color is often monochromatic or a palette with bold contrast. Lines will be clean and unfussy. Modern brides often opt for sheath dresses over princess gowns. Flowers will usually be bold, but minimalist.

Traditional: A traditional wedding does not mean it is boring. These are classic weddings, generally more reliant on colors for the "theme" or feel of the event. There are not usually a lot of "alternative" details. For examples, floral centerpieces rather than terrariums, and a tiered wedding cake rather than a selection of fruit pies.

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