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Vintage Oaks Farm TX

Explore the Heart of  Texas

The small towns and two-lane roads that fan out westward from Austin make up the heart of the Texas Hill Country. There you will find the unexpected gems of Texas—rivers that wind through stands of bald cypress trees, shimmering lakes cupped in limestone canyons, and rustic German towns with such names as Driftwood, Fredericksburg, Wimberley, New Braunfels, and Boerne. All within easy access from Vintage Oaks Farm.

Tighten up the cinch, watch where you step, do not forget to take some apples for the steeds, mount up and happy trails to you. One other thing, it probably is a good idea to wear boots (there is a reason they have heels) even if you think you will not be going any faster than a walk. Leave the Keens, Teva’s, Wolverines, Crocs, tennis shoes, sneakers (if you are from north of the Red River) basketball shoes, and especially the flip flops back at the farm. If you are taking the kids or your beer-bellied husband riding, be sure to call first to see whether there are any restrictions regarding who can mount up. We can hook you up with some great wranglers.  OK now, go see a man about a horse and hit the trail.

Vintage Oaks Farm TX

D-Tour Aviation is your native Texas owned and operated Helicopter Tour and Service Company!

D-Tour Aviation provides a vast selection of flight options, from luxurious helicopter tours of beautiful Austin and the surrounding hill country, to fast-paced aerial hog hunting excursions built for the ultimate outdoorsman.

Our professional team of high time certified commercial pilots ensure each helicopter ride provides a trip that is both safe and an adventure of a lifetime, including aerial hog hunting, aerial photography, and even helicopter sky diving!

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Vintage Oaks Farm TX
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We have identified over thirty great destinations for you to do some shredding on the mountain bike trails. You can have loads of fun at these trails, but we urge you to contact the site owners before you hit the road so you can get the low down about site conditions. If you are just starting out with mountain biking you want to be sure to match the trail conditions to your skill level. You probably also want to ask whether the trails are open to hikers as well as bike riders so you will know whether to expect pedestrian traffic. Finally, you will want to check in with the site owner to find out whether there is any portion of the trail that will take you through water so you can plan accordingly. 


Great Hill Country Activity Guide

 If you want to get some general information about going mountain biking in the Hill Country we suggest you look at the Austin Bike site, or at the Mountain Bike Texas site.

If you are considering heading out for a tubing trip over the weekend there are some things to keep in mind to make sure your outing is both fun and safe. First, regardless of where you go be sure to contact the outfitters beforehand to check on local conditions.  Flows still are above average at many places and you will want to make sure the river is clear for tubing before you leave home.


You also will want to make sure the outfitter you intend to use is open.  For example, the Lions Club in San Marcos and Don’s Fish Camp and Texas State Tubes located downstream on the San Marcos River are all open for business.  However, Cool River Ranch has shut down tube rentals for the season.

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