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About   Vintage  Oaks  Farm
Wedding  Venue  & Event  Center

Vintage Oaks Farm ~ Wimberley Valley

Vintage Oaks Farm is a wedding venue and event center located in the Texas Hill Country near Wimberley. Our venue is secluded, and has onsite lodging for the bridal party or family.  Call or click today to book a tour.



Bill & Sissi Baskin were transplanted from the San Francisco Bay Area in 2008 when Sissi's company purchased a small biotech company in Austin.  Bill, a master builder was happy to leave California after the real estate market declined.   After experiencing the Onion Creek Floods of 2013 they relocated to the property now known as Vintage Oaks Farm in Driftwood Texas.  The entire property needed to be re-built and repaired.  Our family and friends all pitched in to make this a very special place and we celebrate it daily.

Hiding the dogs at work today
Love Labor Day with Bill!
It's a tough life out here on the farm
Had a great flight with Mike
Onion Creek on a beautiful afternoon
Hale and Colin on Cuervo
LBJ Ranch with Dad, Joyce & Bill
Breakfast with the chickens this morning.jpg What a beautiful morning in Texas
Today was bath day for Deli, Cecil, Jet, Tessa and Penny vacationing at the farm


"A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful - and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence."  - Pam Brown

Horses:  Cuervo & Lexi

Dogs: Jet & Penny

Cats: Dagwood & Blondie


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