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2023 Wedding Trends

2023 is coming at us fast and if you're a bride-to-be, you might be looking for ideas. Whether you just got engaged or you've been wedding planning for months, check out these five trends that we expect (and love!) to see in the upcoming year:

1. The Reception Party Dress

Talk about a fun trend we can totally get behind! The reception party dress is definitely in for 2023. Brides are loving detailed, gorgeous dresses for the ceremony and changing into something lightweight, fun, and flirty for their reception. Not only is this a fun way to shake up your look and surprise your guests, it's practical as well! Reception dresses are usually shorter and a lot easier to party and move around in.

2. Removeable Sleeves

If you like the idea of changing your look after the ceremony, but you don't want a completely new dress, removeable sleeves might be the solution for you! There are so many creative ways to do this - with a removeable overlay piece, with sleeves that slip on and off your arms, or with a faux top. These pieces help you give elegant and dreamy vibes for your ceremony and something a little more casual afterwards!

3. Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Gone are the days of the uniform bridesmaids dress and, honestly, it makes so much sense! It's rare to find one dress that looks good on all of your bridesmaids body types and you want your girls to look and feel their best. Last year we saw a lot of weddings with bridesmaids dresses that matched in color, but were different styles. This year, we expect to see an even bigger shift with bridal parties getting even more freedom in dress choice. We love the vibe of bridal parties were silk or satin floor length dresses in neutral or jewel tones!

4. Smaller Ceremonies

2020 had a huge impact on the wedding industry and the way people view weddings. Although big weddings will always be so much fun, we're starting to see a shift to smaller weddings or even destination weddings. The benefit of a smaller wedding is that you have an opportunity to get to visit with each guest and still have time to enjoy the party instead of spending your whole night visiting with 120+ people.

5. Film Style + Candid Wedding Photos

Finally, we're seeing a huge shift from perfect, airbrushed style photos, to more of a film and candid style. Images with heavier grain as well as black and white images are making a huge comeback. Don't get us wrong - you'll still want to schedule time with your photographer to do formal photos of family, bridal party, and you and your boo, but having a more laid back attitude towards your photos help capture a more authentic overview of your wedding day.


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