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Should I Hire A Wedding Coordinator?

One of the biggest questions a future bride asks is, "Do I really need to hire a wedding coordinator?" The short answer is - no. You don't technically need to hire anybody for your big day, but you definitely should. Here are just a handful of reasons a coordinator should be at the top of your wedding priority list.

So what does a coordinator even do?

Essentially, a wedding coordinator makes sure your big day goes off without a hitch. You're probably thinking to yourself, "Come on. I can tell a few people where to go and when to walk!" Maybe you can. But on the biggest day of your life, the only thing you should be focused on is making it down the aisle and starting your forever with your partner. Even if you don't consider yourself a bridezilla, weddings are stressful for the bride. There are a million decisions and you want everything to be perfect. By hiring a wedding coordinator, you don't have to worry if the groomsmen are there on time or if the caterers need to know where to go. You already have someone on hand to take care of all of the day of details.

Coordinators also help in more emergency situations. Say you have an outdoor ceremony planned and it's two hours until go time and it starts to storm. Your coordinator will know what to do and will likely have already discussed a rain plan with you. Instead of running down and moving all the chairs yourself, your coordinator will make sure it gets done. If a caterer or bartender gets lost, your coordinator will make sure they get the directions they need to arrive on time. They truly are wedding day angels.

I love planning! I don't want to hire anyone else to plan my wedding.

Totally reasonable! Lots of people dream of planning their big day. There's a few important differences between wedding planners and wedding coordinators. A wedding planner is usually someone who is with you through the whole process. They help you make decisions about decor, flowers, sometimes even venues. There are lots of perks to wedding planners. They often know tons of vendors that can help make your big day pop. However, a lot of people shy away from them because of price.

A wedding coordinator has a much different role. They may help prepare vendor contracts and arrange what time those vendors will arrive for set-up. Many times they attend the rehearsal to make sure everyone knows when to walk and who stands where. Their biggest role is making sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.

Wedding coordinators are the unsung heroes of the industry. They make sure everything goes off without a hitch.


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