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The Grandmillennial Wedding

It’s no secret that trends come and go – and the wedding industry is a prime example. With every bride looking to put her own personal touches on her big day, we get to see unique styles and ideas in every ceremony. Perhaps the most likely bride to try and stand out from the crowd is the millennial bride. Millennials are branded as the age group that wants attention. They are confident, willing to take risks, and they aren’t afraid to question authority or tradition.

But in 2021, we may see the millennial bride give us a return to tradition – at least in her own way. The modern bride and the farmhouse bride have both ruled the game for the last few years. Now it’s time for them to step aside and make way for a new kind of bride – the “Grandmillennial” Bride.

What is “Grandmillennial”?

Grandmillennial style – lovingly nicknamed “granny chic” – has existed for several years, but it is gaining in popularity and may be one of the most popular wedding styles by 2021. Essentially it’s an appreciation for all things old and eclectic from hand stitching and florals to bold colors and antique statement pieces. It’s a modern take on everything your grandma loves. Rather than seeking out clean lines and a black and white color palate, a grandmillenial bride is more likely to feature deep emerald shades and handstitched tablecloths.

In recent years, millennials have lead the push towards sustainability and shopping small. Etsy shops and home gardens have taken off. When COVID-19 quarantine started, almost every millennial started a home garden, even if it was just a potted plant or two on their apartment balcony. It was also the perfect time to pick up a new hobby – and millennials definitely did. They turned to things of the past like knitting and needle point, but they put their own spin on it. Needlepoint pieces now having sayings from shows like The Office on them. Knitted pieces may feature Grumpy Cat. Grandmillennial style captures this perfectly – an appreciation for things of the past, while still putting a modern twist on them.

The style is most popular with people in their mid-20s to 30s and it’s all about blending the old and the new. Textures, patterns, and colors that may not traditionally go together are placed right beside each other. Think floral wallpaper behind a modern leather couch or delicate vintage teacups in a white and black kitchen with clean lines.

What does the mean for weddings?

This style plays out so well in weddings because they are the perfect day to show what’s most important to you. Grandmillennial brides often want to find ways to incorporate their guests and make them feel important. They will often use pieces for decoration that are family heirlooms and will likely source their jewelry from their mother or grandmother’s jewelry box. Perhaps one of the most famous recent examples of this is Princess Beatrice. Her wedding dress was one of Queen Elizabeth’s dresses, but altered to include modern elements. The puff sleeves were added, the dress was restructured to fit Beatrice’s body and the skirt was ever so slightly shortened to show off the shoes. This nod to Beatrice’s family line is a prime example of a Grandmillenial bride.

A bride may also opt to hold the ceremony in a more simplistic location that holds special meaning to her. Backyard weddings from childhood homes, weddings in state parks, or other outdoor spaces have jumped in popularity. She may also choose to include mini-ceremonies within the larger wedding ceremony to let their guests participate. Candle ceremonies where each guest lights a candle to signify the importance of community are a favorite of modern brides.

The couple may even select florals that can be taken home and planted in their own garden. In this way, the couple gets to grow and nurture a physical item from their wedding, symbolizing the growth of their love over time. If the couple really wants to put a unique touch on their big day, they may have clippings of their florals that guests can take home to plant.

At a grandmillennial wedding, look for lots of personal touches and dainty details. Mementos of the couples history together will come out in the reception and much of the decoration may be pieces with significance to the family. Their will likely be beautiful, delicate stitching and the bride will definitely have a “something old” and “something borrowed”. Bold colors and florals are a must and the bride may even be wearing (at least in part) a dress worn by her mother or grandmother.

If you’re looking for a way to have a more sustainable and eco-friendly wedding, this may be the style for you. Whatever kind of wedding you choose to go with, remember to focus on the details that mean the most to you.


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