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Fall Wedding Florals

Fall wedding season is upon us and along with them come the breathtaking florals. There's no time like fall for an outdoor wedding in Texas and the possibilities are endless. Florals can be the perfect way to decorate an outdoor wedding venue and make it completely your own. Check out some of our favorite tips for gorgeous fall florals!

Greenery in a mason jar hanging from a hook lining the aisle of an outdoor wedding ceremony
Aisle Decor


Simple greenery can be a great way to add some color into an outdoor wedding as well as staying true to your location. From table décor to aisle accents, there's no limit for how you can use simple greenery to breathe life into your space.

Wedding bouquet with blue flowers leaning against a window sill
Fall Wedding Bouquet


By picking florals with deep, rich colors (think dark blues, intense purples, and rusty oranges), you'll add warmth and dimension to your ceremony. Using these bold colors in your bouquet can create an even bigger pop against a white wedding dress. Pairing these intense colors with more muted greenery make for an incredible contrast.

White pumpkin with a gold number 9 painted on it on a wedding table. The pumpkin is in front of a garland of leaves and a white candle.
Pumpkin table number


It wouldn't be a fall wedding blog is we didn't mention pumpkins! If you want to go all in on the fall theme, there are so many unique ways to use pumpkins in your décor. We love the concept of using pumpkins as table numbers to give a subtle nod to the ultimate fall foliage.

Bride and Groom standing in from of a wooden octagon with florals on it.
Wedding Arch


Embrace the arch! Modern wedding arches aren't just an "arch" - they come in all shapes and sizes. Adding florals all around your arch, or even just at the corners, makes for a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony.


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